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January 26, 2009


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No More Sunflowers

Journal Entry: Mon Jan 26, 2009, 11:02 PM


A Few Notes....

These are friends of mine in real life and they are all very talented, so please give them your support and comment and/or favorite their work! :)
:iconmolliemayhem: :pokeball: :iconkakki-kun: :pokeball: :iconsolidfoot: :pokeball: :iconthroughangelseyes7: :pokeball: :iconyamiredpen:

Also, don't forget to check out my photography account:
:star: :iconkachikatie: :star:

Wowie zowie!

So today I impulsively decided to treat myself to a 3-month subscription on here! I had one for a year a couple years back, but the benefits this time around are AMAZING! Plus it was super cheap! I'll probably stick with it, though, after the 3 months is up. :) I guess I figured it's time for me to be taken seriously. Hopefully this will help get a few more pageviews.


I am currently taking my first Comic class at my college, and whether I love it or not will determine if I decide to stay here at MCAD or transfer elsewhere. But I won't worry about that for now. I just need to do my best! So that also means that most of the art I will be uploading will be projects made in classes, although I certainly wish I had the time and inspiration to do more outside of school. We will just have to see.

Obviously I've been in quite the artistic slump for the past, well..half a year or so, and I think a lot of it is mainly just the fact that I need to find different ways of getting inspired. Although one thing that never fails is just for me to browse through my favorites on here, that always seems to help a lot. So thank you to everyone who does there best on here. :) Keep up the good work!

Another source of inspiration I have just recently found, actually, is the MIA (Minneapolis Institute of Arts), which is about 20 steps away from my college. The museum is just so wonderful and REALLY big, surprisingly! Some of the art is super super famous, too, including the Roman sculpture of the Doryphoros, which I am sure anyone who has taken an art history course knows about. :D My point being, I really enjoy simply walking in there and gawking for hours. And it's inspiring. So if you've never been to that museum, you should take a trip there sometime. Plus it's free admission.

Lately I've been feeling pretty...I don't necessarily want to say rebellious, but I'm just dying to do whatever the hell I want. One of my best friends has been challenging my normal way of thinking, and even if these desires don't last for long, I really want to indulge them while I still can. Normally I'm a pretty passive person, and the past few weeks especially have opened my eyes to things that remind me much of how the 70s must have been, including smoking, booze, music, weed, sex, a strong desire for self-expression, world peace, you name it. And honestly, it's very appealing to me right now. Today I even found myself listening to the Sex Pistols (though I know they're a bit more 60s based) and enjoying them, and normally I'm not really too fond.
So whatever may happen in the coming months, hopefully I can learn to express much of it through art.

On another note, I don't usually mind winter all *that* much, but I am so sick of it now. I really am very anxious for spring and summer!! Summer nights are my favorite...*dreamy sigh*

Well, I just figured I should check in. Thank you to those of you who regularly favorite/comment my work or even just happened to stumble by and read this! I really do appreciate it very much. ^-^ Gambatte, minna-san!

It's almost 1:11. :)

Featured Artwork....

noise from silence 1 by shel-yang Ha-rumph. by RYE-BREAD sketchbook - 4 by mollieMayhem It really isn't loud enough. by mollieMayhem :thumb109333683:



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poncy-rogue Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2009  Professional Digital Artist
You're a darling! Thank you for the feature ;_; :heart:
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You are most welcome! ^o^
Kakki-kun Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2009   Writer
Good evening. It seems you've made an error. I'm not an "artist", as it were. There is much confusion on this particular topic. So, though I might thank you for the "feature artist", it would sadly be a misnomer. Good day.

KatieKurama Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2009
Kakki-kun Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2009   Writer
Oh, hey! Don't make that sadly faysh! I'm only a joking kinda guy!
KatieKurama Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2009
mollieMayhem Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2009
Ohhhhhh, FANCY!!
And you featured me! WONDURFULLLL.

Ahhhh, I haven't talked to you forever!
And I miss you tooo!
I was going to answer your text and then I forgot. ~>.>~ Gomen.

Also, good luck with your sex, drugs, and rock and roll! And your comic class!

KatieKurama Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2009

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I love this Journal CSS!!! It is so pretty!


So, is it really worth it to subscribe to Deviantart? I never have...
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